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At Little Jannah we only use the best organic products available today. For our hair care products we use a range of products from the Organic Colour Systems Range and our Beauty Range from Natural Elements.

  • Organic Colour Systems

    The Organic Colour Systems (OCS) range of professional hair colouring and treatment products are different to most other brands because they have been developed as much cleaner products - containing far less harmful chemicals, and substituting natural products whenever possible. Yet they deliver a genuinely superior performance.

    Developed by Herb UK, Organic Colour Systems offers a full range of hair colouring, styling, treatment and care products that offer uncompromising performance with the quality demanded by hairdressers, whilst providing a safer working environment for staff and clients.

    Organic Colour, Curl, Care and Control Systems are free from ammonia, resorcinol and parabens and have been developed using natural products wherever possible. The result is uncompromising quality and performance, which hairdressers can rely on, while providing a safer and more pleasant environment both for clients and staff.

    OCS formulas have eliminated all unnecessary chemicals and use the cleanest, most natural ingredients available including Certified Organic ingredients as much as possible.

  • Natural Elements

    At natural elements we have the most powerful anti-ageing compounds, hundreds of times more powerful than any other brand of skincare you can buy

  • Organic Colour Systems

    With over forty years of excellence, and a commitment to uncompromising quality, Nature's Sunshine guarantee to bring you only the finest, natural nutritional supplements available.

    Carefully sourced organic and wild-crafted raw ingredients ensure that our products are guaranteed pure, safe and effective. Expertly formulated by our own Health Sciences team of Nutritionists, Biologists, Pharmacists and Herbalists.

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